Jam to NPR’s 360-Degree Tiny Desk Concert

March 2016

What’s groovier than watching Tiny Desk Concerts in real time? Catching them on 360-degree video. In February, media organization RYOT brought two 360-degree cameras to NPR, and set them right in front of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen’s desk. Audiences shuffled in, alternative rock band Wilco took to the “stage”, and the first 360-degree Tiny Desk Concert was born.

Watch the first 360-degree Tiny Desk Concert 

RYOT’s cameras captured the entire process of creating a Tiny Desk Concert, granting NPR fans an engaging and brand new way to enjoy music. The 360-degree Tiny Desk Concert video begins with NPR staff milling about, prepping for Wilco’s arrival. Then the audience, mostly consisting of NPR staff and friends, appear. Shortly after, Wilco steps behind Bob Boilen’s desk with guitars in hand. Words are exchanged between Boilen and the band, and then the sound of strumming guitars begins.

360-degree tiny desk concert

Wilco performing its Tiny Desk Concert Feb. 23, 2016

Thanks to the revolutionary technology featured in the 360-degree Tiny Desk Concert video, viewers can experience performances as if they were actually present during the live show. The video also capitalizes on its interactive features. Throughout the performance, the video prompts viewers to find references to seven of Wilco’s album covers (think “A Ghost is Born” and “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”) around the room (hint: keep your eyes open for ears of corn).

Watch the first-ever 360-degree Tiny Desk Concert during your next break, and see if you can spot some of your favorite NPR personalities – along with references to Wilco’s albums! 

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