88th Academy Awards Coverage Sparks Discussion

March 2016

NPR’s 88th Academy Awards coverage shined light on one of Hollywood’s most glamorous spectacles. Actor Chris Rock hosted the Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles Feb. 28, 2016. The highly-anticipated event spurred discussion on several topics, from the lack of diversity in nominees to Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar win. Read on for a digest of 88th Academy Awards coverage, as told by NPR’s social media channels.

88th Academy Awards coverage

Leonardo DiCaprio and director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu celebrate their awards on stage at the 88th Oscars on Sunday. Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images.

Live Tweets Accentuate NPR’s 88th Academy Awards Coverage

NPR program hosts and reporters tweeted using the hashtag #NPROscars – keeping followers informed and entertained all at once. Select Twitter users were retweeted by NPR’s Twitter account as well, allowing for more dynamic exchanges on social media.

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour team live-tweeted the entire affair, with 88th Academy Awards coverage detailing red carpet looks to Oscar wins. Hosts Linda HolmesGlen Weldon, Stephen Thompson and Bob Mondello kept Twitter followers up to speed with tweets galore.

“Best Picture” and Beyond with NPR’s 88th Academy Awards Coverage

Spotlight took home the gold for “Best Picture”, and Maquita Peters explored the film’s victory with her piece. Peters also covered the lack of diversity in nominees.

Pop Culture Happy Hour Host Linda Holmes dove more deeply into the controversy. Her piece, “A Big Night For Spotlight, DiCaprio and Earned Discomfort,” highlights Chris Rock’s expressive language and dialogue alluding to the event’s lack of diversity. 

Illuminating and lighthearted moments abounded in NPR’s 88th Academy Awards coverage as well. Here are a few popular tweets from NPR’s Twitter account:

NPR’s 88th Academy Awards coverage opened eyes, evoked laughs, and encouraged discourse throughout the evening. Align your brand with engaging programs like Pop Culture Happy Hour to reach young and educated audiences interested in the latest entertainment news. and NPR Podcast sponsorship brings your brand to the limelight, employing dynamic opportunities like Center Stage and host-read mid-roll to inspire your target audience.