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July 2018

At NPR, Politics Stays in the News. 

No Negative Political Ads. Just Award-Winning Coverage & More of it.


With 33 Senate races, 36 gubernatorial races and every House seat up for re-election, the 2018 midterm elections cycle is poised to push political ad spending to a record high. 

avoid midterm political advertising

In this noisy political environment, audiences turn to NPR for unbiased, politically-neutral coverage and analysis. During the 2016 election cycle, NPR’s weekly cume radio audience increased 13% YOY – and continued to increase after the election. Today, NPR reaches 30.1M weekly radio listeners. 


avoid midterm political advertising


NPR offers brands the same safe space. As a media organization that doesn’t accept political sponsors, NPR offers audiences and brands an oasis from the deluge of campaign messages already appearing across digital, TV and radio. 


avoid midterm political advertising And this election season, there’s a new way to align your brand with NPR’s thoughtful coverage without getting caught in the crosshairs of political advertising. The NPR Politics Podcast, ranked one of the country’s Top 20 podcasts by audience size, is now available on the radio. On September 14, The Politics Show from NPR debuted on stations across the country kicking off a nine-week run leading up to the midterm elections. 


Combining sharp analysis and just the right amount of witty banter, The Politics Show from NPR provides the information listeners depend on without the distraction of political advertising. A win for brands trying to leverage the momentum of the midterms in a brand-safe way. 



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Your campaign shouldn’t have to compete with political messaging. Rise above the fray in NPR’s uncluttered environment, where politics stays in our news coverage. 

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