Your Friendly Guide to Great Podcasts

November 2015


There are a lot of podcasts out there. Believe us, we know. As both podcast makers and lovers, NPR created, friendly tool that make discovering podcasts from across the universe of podcast offerings easy. is carefully curated by the NPR Life & Arts team and features recommendations from listeners, journalists, authors, celebrities and more. Reviews of are rolling in and here’s what tastemakers have to say:


NPR’s new podcast finder is like a buffet for your ears.

AV Club


Let’s agree on one thing — podcasts are great, but there are just too many of them. For that your friends at National Public Radio have a solution:, a podcast recommendation tool that compiles the favorite episodes of podcast fans, creators and celebrities.

IB Times


If you’re a podcast fanatic, this is a great place to start finding new programs to listen to.



Choosing new podcasts has never been more difficult—especially if you already listen to a bunch—but NPR just made it a little easier to narrow down the choices.

The Daily Dot


It’s easy to get lost in the heap, but it’s about time somebody endeavored to put order to the madness.



NPR is hoping to expand that slice of society — and lower the barrier of entry for people who want to listen to a podcast for the first time but are paralyzed by thousands of options.

Nieman Lab


Podcast newbies and superfans alike are raving about NPR’s! 



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