NPR’s Embedded Podcast Goes Beyond the Headlines

March 2016
Embedded podcast

Kelly McEvers interviewing soldiers on the battlefield while serving as NPR’s Middle East correspondent


Have you ever listened to a news story and craved more? Wondered what the interview subjects were feeling? What about the story behind the story? Prepare to dive deep. NPR’s Embedded podcast launches March 31, and fans of Kelly McEvers’ fearless journalistic style are in for a treat. 

The All Things Considered co-host provides podcast listeners a uniquely exclusive experience in the Embedded podcast. Throughout the series, rich sound, long-form narrative and emotion unite to tell stories like never before. 


Reporters will say “I.” They will admit they are scared or confused. They will wonder what to make of something they’re experiencing for the very first time. In doing this, listeners will grow to understand not just what happened in a place, but what it felt like to the people who are in that place.


In the Embedded podcast, McEvers traverses risky territories and takes listeners down untraveled roads. Come face-to-face with Texas biker gangs. Travel to the frontlines of El Salvador’s gang war. Walk through Skid Row with the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Listeners can enjoy lighter topics as well, exploring what it’s like to be a basketball player one rung from stardom, to being a writer for a daily comedy show.


Preview NPR’s Embedded podcast

Seven episodes are scheduled to be released (the first launching March 31). Each episode will solely focus on one topic, enabling reporters to bring listeners on a journey like never before.

NPR’s Embedded podcast will also feature other NPR news talent, including Shereen Marisol Meraji, Jason Beaubian, and Uri Berliner. 

Embedded is on track for a successful launch, following in the footsteps of NPR podcasts Invisibilia, which debuted at #1 on iTunes, and Hidden Brain. Media outlets are already covering McEvers’ brainchild. 

Press on the Embedded podcast


Embedded also aims to remind listeners that journalists can be humans, too. That’s where Embedded departs from traditional radio features…where the reporter is a fuller participant in the story.


…it’s the way the story will be told that could — and should — signal a shift in the culture of storytelling on NPR and, hopefully, elsewhere.


NPR’s Embedded blends powerful audio storytelling and compelling investigative journalism found nowhere else in the podcast space. Align your brand with the groundbreaking series, and join the journalistic revolution only found at NPR. Bring your brand to the front-lines with dynamic podcast sponsorship opportunities, from :15 pre-roll to :30 host-read mid-roll. Dive deep with NPR.