Invisibilia Listening Parties a Hit with Young Audiences

July 2016

It’s June 16th. Living rooms everywhere are filling with emotions. Anticipation. Excitement. In some cases, a tinge of impatience.

These seemingly invisible feelings become palpable as thousands of fans gather at a constellation of Invisibilia Listening Parties around the U.S., eager to catch a glimpse of what the second season of the NPR podcast will hold.

Invisibilia combines sophisticated storytelling with cultural and scientific reporting, yielding astonishing stories that can feel almost too good to be true.

The New Yorker, 2015

Invisibilia Listening Parties

Invisibilia hosts Alix Spiegel, Hanna Rosin (new in Season 2) & Lulu Miller (listed l to r)

Listed on The Guardian’s 2016 list of  “50 Podcasts You Need to Hear” and recognized by the Peabody Awards committeeInvisibilia has become a leader in the world of broadcast journalism. The show’s founding hosts, Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller, have a natural gift for storytelling, and season one listeners got hooked.

Now ready to learn more about the invisible forces that drive human behavior, these fans did not skip a beat when talks of season two Invisibilia Listening Parties came to a head. Organized by NPR’s Generation Listen, these events bring people together around around great stories and thoughtful conversation, and with the help of Generation Listen’s Invisibilia Listening Party kit, fans went all out to make sure their parties were a hit. Crowd favorites included an episode-inspired coloring page, snack recipes directly from the hosts, a party playlist by Lulu and conversation tips from Hanna Rosin- the newest voice on Invisibilia.


In the end, more than 200 Invisibilia Listening Parties were organized across 32 states in the U.S. and even abroad in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For those who wanted to listen with a larger audience, 19 NPR Member stations hosted their own Invisibilia Listening Parties. Attendees had the opportunity not only to visit their Member stations, but to preview the show’s new season with members of their communities. Lulu, Hanna, and Alix also hosted their own interactive event during launch week, which was streamed through Facebook live to over 14,000 viewers (watch it now, here).

Invisibilia Listening Parties

New Hampshire Public Radio Listening Party. Couresty of @JustKelso

Influentials Host Their Own Invisibilia Listening Parties

Among the many hosts of Invisibilia Listening Parties was a cast of fans you may recognize:

  • Janina Gavankar, most notable for her portrayal of Luna Garza in HBO’s True Blood
  • Elizabeth Davis, Tony-nominated actress and musician featured in the original Broadway cast of Once
  • Mallory Blair, PR Guru on Forbes’ 30 Under 30
Aligning with NPR Podcasts

The loyalty Invisibilia listeners have for the show is mirrored across so many of NPR’s podcasts and translates to the show’s sponsors, too.

  • 73% of NPR Podcast users hold a higher opinion of a company when they find out it supports public radio podcasts
  • 58% are more likely to buy products from companies that support public radio podcasts

The opportunity to align your brand with NPR podcast users is not one to be missed. Learn more about podcast sponsorship opportunities here.