Accolades for Invisibilia

December 2015

December 2015

Avid NPR fans went crazy over Invisibilia this year, and it looks like they were not the only ones… Invisibilia was recognized as a major highlight in 2015 by a number of media outlets.

The Columbia Journalism Review applauded Invisibilia‘s success in making science accessible and named it one of the best pieces of journalism in 2015. iTunes joined in the accolades by including Invisibilia in Best of 2015 picks. The Guardian was also among those who ranked the show as a top podcast, giving it the number 5 spot in their top 10.


NPR’s Invisibilia strikes all the right notes in overcoming the challenges of both explaining science and finding a narrative thru-line to keep its audience engaged.

-The Columbia Journalism Review

Each show is a tightly-crafted capsule of audio perfection. While they deal in abstract ideas, the stories are about real people, real lives.

-Cool Tools

Whether they are exploring the absence of fear, the interaction between humans and computers, or a blind man who uses echo-location to see the world, the show uses connections between science and humanity to give listeners a whole new perspective on the world.

-The Guardian

The podcast was the first to dethrone Serial, widely known as the most popular podcast ever, as the #1 podcast in the iTunes chart back in January, just weeks after its debut. Excitement over the second season of Invisibilia is running high and National Public Media is gearing up to offer sponsorship opportunities for this top podcast.

Visit Invisibilia‘s  sponsorship page to learn how to align your brand with the podcast.


If you have not done so by now, get hooked on Invisibilia by listening to the first episode here: