Keep Up With The Elections On The NPR Politics Podcast

January 2016

NPR Politics ImageJanuary 2016

The NPR Politics Podcast is off to a great start! The show’s weekly roundups provide listeners with a breakdown of everything they need to know about the world of politics. The NPR Politics team’s in-depth analysis of the happenings of the presidential election is quickly making it a favorite among podcast enthusiasts. National Public Media offers election season sponsorship opportunities with the NPR Politics Podcast.

The show’s excellent coverage of the Paris and San Bernardino Attacks and their effects on the presidential election is unparalleled. However, the show does not limit itself to the most discussed topics, and has already hosted major characters in the United States’ political landscape, such as Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Since everything can’t be all business all of the time, NPR Politics integrates segments such as ‘Can’t Let It Go’, where the hosts talk about one thing that caught their eye that week. With the blockbuster debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the team released a short episode about the political structure and climate of the Star Wars universe. Listen to it here:

This amazing new podcast provides information in the most creative and hip ways possible, making conversations about politics digestible to people across America.

This is a great chance to reach NPR’s politically engaged audience in a time when they’ll be paying more attention than ever! Visit the NPR Politics Podcast’s sponsorship page to learn more about how you can align your brand with the show this election season.