Hamilton’s America, Victoria & More New Programs from PBS

June 2016
Masterpiece's Hollow Crown. Sneak previews of new programs from PBS previewed at the 2016 annual meeting, from the behind the scenes of Hamilton, to Genealogy Roadshow.

“The Hollow Crown” – Coming to PBS this September

Each year, producers, station leaders, community partners and others come together to showcase the best and brightest of public television and preview the year ahead. It’s the PBS Annual Meeting, and at the 2016 conference, held in Chicago last month, the leading broadcaster shared new audience research on the impact of sponsorship and revealed exciting new programs from PBS.

“The Annual Meeting is a fantastic showcase of new PBS content and initiatives,” says PBS Digital Sales Director Dave Prince, who attended the 2016 PBS Annual Meeting. “This year, many wonder what’s to come now that Downton Abbey is finished. We are excited to see the output of the immense talent and hard work evident in upcoming PBS programming schedule.”

The PBS Experience

With its lineup of 2016/17 titles, PBS will continue meeting its supportive audience with excellence in programming, delivering on its promise of compelling, thought-provoking programs for PBS stations and digital platforms. From the behind the scenes of the 11-time Tony Award-winning hit Hamilton, to fan favorite Genealogy Roadshow, this eclectic array of content offers value to viewers and sponsors alike.

Here are some of the programs from PBS that sponsors should consider for regional broadcast or digital opportunities this season:

The Hollow Crown
Fall 2016


Great British Baking Show
July 2016


Winter/Spring 2017


There’s More

Early next year, PBS audiences will tune into a new program chronicling the changing of seasons in Yellowstone. Filmed in real time, this three-part BBC series, The Great American Thaw, weaves together stories of four different animal families as they attempt to survive the one of the toughest springs on Earth. 

Also on the horizon, a new Ken Burns production on the cultural impact of the Vietnam War. In 2017, this ten-part series, The Vietnam War, features more than 100 interviews with American and Vietnamese people who witnessed the conflict. 

Look out for updates on these and other PBS programs, here.

Findings from PBS Commercialism Study.  Sneak previews of new programs from PBS previewed at the 2016 annual meeting, from the behind the scenes of Hamilton, to Masterpiece's Victoria.

The PBS Audience

Along with quality programming, PBS is stronger than ever across its many platforms both in terms of scale.

On air, PBS thrives against the competition: 82% of U.S. homes – that’s 198 million viewers – watched PBS live in 2015. In the competition for audiences’ time and attention, PBS leads innovation and growth on digital platforms. Every month, Americans watch an average of 428 million videos across all of PBS’ web, mobile and connected device platforms.

And new research from partners City Square and VMHQualitative provides deeper insights into the value of PBS sponsorship:

– 64% of television views consider PBS sponsors messages not only different than ads on commercial broadcast, but superior.

– 51% of PBS viewers report paying full attention to PBS sponsorship messages, opposed to only 37% when watching network television.

Read more highlights from the studies, here.

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