NPR Leads Podtrac Podcast Audience Ranker

May 2016

10 years in podcasting, NPR is still on top

NPR LogoNPR podcast titles consistently hold court as favorites among listeners and critics alike, with eight shows named in the iTunes “Best of 2015.” Now, NPR leads Podtrac too. A longtime podcast measurement and advertising company, Podtrac today announced the Podcast Industry Audience Rankings

With more than 7.2 million monthly podcast users across programs, NPR leads Podtrac with the largest podcast audience in the industry. 

This is first third-party standard for side-by-side comparison of podcast publishers by audience size. Further, this marks an important milestone in measurement standards for this medium as it’s embraced by more consumers and brands.

NPR Leads Podtrac April 2016

An early adopter of platform, NPR began publishing podcasts in 2005, shortly after Apple first launched iTunes. Ten years later, NPR leads Podtrac and the industry. It continues to innovate and experiment in all areas of podcasting – from content to platforms to audience insights. It’s launched mega-hits including hallmarks of the medium –  Planet Money and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! – and shows pushing the medium in new ways – Embedded and Invisibilia

NPR’s unmatched scale in podcasting continues to grow with a diverse suite of new titles and fresh seasons of top podcasts coming in the second half of 2016.


How I Built This; NPR Leads Podtrac

New Podcast from Guy Raz
Debuts Fall 2016

Guy Raz, host of TED Radio Hour brings you the stories of the innovators behind some of the fastest-growing companies in the world – Uber, Vice, Warby Parker and more. 



NPR Leads Podtrac; Invisibilia sponsorship

Season 2 Begins June 2016

#1 on iTunes at launch and widely reviewed by The Atlantic, The New York Times and CJR as one of the best new shows of 2015.



Code Switch Sponsorship; NPR Leads Podtrac

Code Switch
Launches May 2016

“The podcast will continue the column’s courageous conversations about race, society and culture as well as their frequent disagreements on the complicated scenarios they present on the air.” The Guardian 



NPR leads Podtrac

NPR Politics Podcast
2016 Elections Season

The show’s audience has doubled between December 2015 and April 2016 — now at 3 million monthly downloads and growing.



There’s more to come, too.

Bringing a tradition of journalistic excellence, pop culture savvy, and an international news footprint, NPR has achieved an unparalleled position in podcasting and maintains a deep relationship with its audience. A relationship that has a measured affect on sponsors – building brand awareness and going on to increase trust, preference and response for these brands.

Want to learn more about how NPR leads Podtrac in its Podcast Audience Ranker? Visit Podtrac’s website for details on the measurement methodology and more.

NPR Podcasts are an essential part of a cross-platform media plan. Start delivering your message to engaged, responsive audiences on cutting-edge platforms including NPR One and the new Audio Player today with NPR sponsorship. 


Photo credits (top to bottom): Gus Ruelas,  John W. Poole, Matt Roth, NPR.