NPR Named Brand of the Year, Most Loved, Most Trusted News Service Agency

May 2017

It’s often said at NPR that the organization holds “the hearts and minds of our audience.”

A lofty proposition, to be sure. And one NPR was honored to have affirmed once again this spring.

A national study measuring the opinions of more than 100,000 U.S. consumers on 4,000 brands found NPR to be the Most Loved and Most Trusted News Service Agency, two essential and rare attributes in today’s media environment where integrity is increasingly important to consumers and brands. In the annual Harris Poll EquiTrend® Study, now in its 29th year, NPR also ranked highest in Equity – a factor of familiarity, quality and consideration – in its category, making it “News Service Brand of the Year.”

This accolade is one of a growing number of studies that identify NPR’s distinct value among other media outlets.

For a brand study last fall, listeners were asked, unaided, what they most associate with NPR. The responses heard most echoed two attributes: “honesty” and “integrity.” They identified NPR as a source they turn to for civil dialogue and great storytelling.

In November 2016, NPR was named one of the 50 Most Relevant Brands in the 2016 Prophet Brand Relevance Index, which identifies “brands consumers can’t live without.”

NPR reinvents itself, and consciously finds new ways to meet audience needs by improving the news-gathering experience – from streamlining NPR One to keeping audiences informed with smart speaker systems. – Prophet

These factors that make NPR an important brand for people today are the same reasons brands and marketers turn to NPR.

“Sponsors are increasingly concerned about the quality of the environments their brands align with and how it reflects on their business,” says Gina Garrubbo, President & CEO of NPR’s sponsorship subsidiary NPM. “In my whole career in advertising and media, I’ve never seen a time when brands are so exposed to consumers and held accountable for their business practices, ethics, standards and practices as an employer. That is why so many brands gravitate to NPR. They realize that the positive rub off – what we call the “halo effect” – they receive by supporting NPR fulfill its mission is unparalleled.”

NPR’s position in the marketplace as a media company synonymous with integrity and honesty also make it a strong media partner for brands.

Research conducted this spring on the NPR “Halo Effect” found marked increases in the impact NPR sponsorship has on brand reputation and sales:

  • 71% of NPR listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR
  • 83% of NPR listeners take action in response to something heard on NPR

Source: Lightspeed Research, NPR Sponsorship Survey, March 2017



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In a complicated media landscape, NPR has endured as a brand trusted and loved by audiences. It’s a valuable and safe environment for brands with a marked impact.

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