NPR’s Latino USA Uncovers the History of Latino Jews

December 2015
Veronica Zaragovia and her family have lived the history of Latino Jews firsthand.
Jewish-Latino family at Passover Seder in Miami (Credit: Verónica Zaragovia)

December 2015

The latest episode of NPR’s Latino USA reports the history of Latino Jews in the United States. The episode explores the intersection of being both Jewish and Latino in America and is getting a lot of attention, sparking articles and spotlights from large media organizations.

The piece follows the intricately tied and tangled strings attached to this population, from the identity issues surrounding growing up  to the dying Ladino language.

Social media response has been positive, as listeners and academics took note of this interesting piece.

The media took particular interest in the topic, as Fox News Latino filmed an interview and published an article with Latino USA producer Michael Simon Johnson. and Remezcla joined the conversation, crafting related articles of their own.

In case you missed it over the weekend, our friends over at Latino USA put out a great episode focused on Judaism in the Latino world – just in time for the start of Hanukkah.


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Listen to the complete episode on the history of Latino Jews here!