PBS Launches New & Improved Website

December 2015

Website sponsorship opportunitiesDecember 2015

PBS unveiled its new, fully-responsive website this week. The update includes a complete redesign of’s interface, on desktop and mobile, that features larger visuals and social media integration. National Public Media offers website sponsorship opportunities on’s shiny new platforms.

The redesign includes a revamp for mobile browsers, allowing users to enjoy an optimized experience through their smartphones and tablets. Users can now also start watching a video on one device, pause it, and finish watching it on another one.

It is now easier to find and view your favorite programs, as allows you to favorite shows and add videos to your watchlist. You can add programs such as Frontline, Masterpiece, Nature, and Nova to your profile. The website also offers recommendations that viewers never stop giving users content that they find interesting.

Local stations now offer expanded content and information on the platform, as the redesign encourages users to be keep track of the happenings in their local area. The menu allows people to set their local station and click back to it regardless of where they are in the website.

This organization seeks to innovate, making it an exciting time for PBS and its supporters. Don’t miss out on opportunities to sponsor PBS Video and, among other website sponsorship opportunities. 

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