T-Pain Acoustic Session at NPR HQ’s Studio 1

November 2015
T-Pain Acoustic Session

T-Pain performing at NPR’s Studio 1 on November 19, 2015. Source: Nick Michael/NPR

November 2015

No dreads. No auto-tune. What’s next? A tie made out of metallic hexagons? Regardless of changes to his aesthetic and audio-filters, T-Pain continues to make amazing music.

Last week, the T-Pain acoustic session awed fans in NPR’s packed Studio 1. The singer debuted a song off of his upcoming album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, and performed old hits and covers at NPR’s Studio 1 in Washington, DC.

The performance marked the one year anniversary of T-Pain’s Tiny Desk Concert with NPR Music, which stands as the most popular Tiny Desk Concert to date. The 2014 performance marked a pivotal shift in T-Pain’s career – it was the first time the world was exposed to his music without its trademark auto-tuned sound.

[His rendition of “A Change is Gonna Come”] was a logical extension of T-Pain’s memorable Tiny Desk Concert—the most viewed episode ever—during which many listeners first realized that this man can really sing. Gone was the autotune that made him a platinum selling artist and the subject of critical ridicule in the mid-Aughts.


T-Pain performing at a Tiny Desk Concert in 2014


The T-Pain acoustic session proves to be just as successful as last year’s Tiny Desk Concert, as initial reviews establish it as a performance for the ages:


For a half a century now, soul music has provided a platform for human beings to perform their vulnerability. This was a man performing through his.

-The Washington Post

After last night, we’re gonna need a T-Pain covers album of all our favorite Motown classics, stat.

-USA Today

Social media was also tuned into the live stream from Studio 1:


Frannie Kelley, host of Microphone Check, organized the surprise concert that sold out in less than one minute. Microphone Check is turning the tables on the perceptions of hip-hop by providing a platform for artists to express their feelings on a variety of topics, including social issues and creative methods.

The success of the T-Pain performances are a testament to NPR’s rising status on the Hip-Hop and R&B scene. NPR Music’s Microphone Check will continue to gather the genre’s biggest stars on a 10-city tour that will put the most prominent rappers on a panel in front of their respective hometowns.


Watch the T-Pain Acoustic Session in Studio 1 here:



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