The New York Times Magazine Highlights Terry Gross

November 2015
Terry Gross

Terry Gross editing at a tape deck in the late 1970s. Photo credit: Photograph from Terry Gross

October 2015

The New York Times Magazine featured an homage of Terry Gross in honor of her 40 years as host and interviewer of NPR’s Fresh Air. Terry’s commitment to her work shines through, as she shares stories from the show’s guests and her personal life.

The article highlights Terry Gross’ best skill – her ability to listen and relate to the people she interviews. She makes high-profile celebrities relatable and get them to open up on air, making her one of the most beloved interviewers by her audience and guests alike. In the article, Sarah Hepola, bestselling author, admits, “My No. 1 fantasy of all time is to be interviewed by Terry Gross.”

Click below to read the full article, and if it does not convince you about Terry Gross’s commitment to being a great interviewer while being the coolest person on this planet (which will surely not be the case…), this video by comedian Mike Birbiglia will leave no doubt in your mind:



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