Copy Testing and Optimization

Optimize audio before your campaign even begins. Our systematic approach includes pre-campaign testing, creative evaluation in flight and post-campaign performance reviews.

Sponsorship Copy Market Research

NPM’s audio testing is completed in partnership with Veritonic, an objective, third-party research company and analytics platform built to quantify the value of sound. Research is conducted with more than a dozen US-based panel firms. The desired panel of over 300 podcast or public radio listeners is pulled programmatically and is representative of the general US population, according to the most recent Census data available.

Please reach out to your account representative for details and package requirements.


Three (3) pieces of :30 podcast audio copy OR

Four (4) pieces of :15 podcast audio copy OR

Four (4) pieces of :15 radio copy


Creative consultation and copywriting assistance

Assistance with crafting test questions and format

Test results report outlining key takeaways and conclusions

Access to reporting dashboard


2 weeks